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WW2 Japanese NCO’s Uniform on Bespoke Mannequin

Here we have a collection of three incredible pieces of original WW2 Japanese uniform. The cap, this is made of a heavy Khaki twill with a red silk band with its original brass star. The fine leather chin strap also has both original brass buttons holding it on and inside a brown silk liner and leather sweat band. This cap is generally in very good order, although there is some wear, especially on the front of the peek.
The Tunic looks like a twill and wool mix Khaki, it looks like it has all original buttons and collar tabs. It is lined inside and it retains its original label, written in Japanese obviously. This is in lovely condition and has no signs of damage or moth. The belt is all leather with an ornate brass buckle, it has a rare original katana sword frog attached to take a katana or wakizashi. This again is in excellent condition and ready to display a sword.
Lastly this fantastic lot comes with this super bespoke mannequin, so the uniform is a perfect fit ready to display or add to.
It measures; 33 inches high.
Shipped via courier at £12.95

Code: 24584Price: 295.00 GBP

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WW1 Medal Trio, Plaque & Scroll to Kemp ASC.

This WW1 medal trio, plaque and scroll has been quite hard to figure out, SS/6252 Edward Kemp, Corporal, Army Service Corps, died on the 24th January 1920 and is buried and commemorated at Tottenham cemetery London. His medal index card shows his entitlement to the 15 star, BW and Victory medal and that he served in France from Feb 1915, it also shows him just listed as Corporal no promotion from private which leads me to think that he had previous military experience pre war. The last piece of info on the medal index card is his entitlement to the SWB, a copy of the roll of soldiers entitled to the war badge is included this shows that Edward enlisted 1-2-15 and was discharged 23-2-16 following illness and also that he was at the grand old age of 45 by this time.
So my best guess for this man was that he may have been gassed or suffered some illness that made him be discharged but not leave the army, he may have done home service for the remainder of the war and stayed on beyond the end until whatever affected him caused his death which is why he was still entitled to the death plaque.
I cant find any service or pension papers for him and the Commonwealth war graves gives no further info on family or place of birth, the only small insight into his home circumstances come from the very damaged postal label on the tube in which his scroll was sent, you can just pick out, Mrs M.A. Kemp, 113 Love Lane, White Hart Lane which is of course in Tottenham!.
His medals are in mint condition, never been mounted or worn, the plaque is sharp and I don’t think has ever been polished and the scroll has been well preserved in the tube.
A super condition set with an intriguing story.

Code: 24583Price:

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Early 19thC Baker Rifle Bayonet.

Scarce 2nd type, Waterloo period bayonet circa 1805; designed to fit on the Baker rifle; named after its maker, Ezekial Baker, was one of the most advanced weapons in the world at the time of the Battle of Waterloo. It was much more accurate than the guns used by most soldiers, but also harder and more expensive to make. The rifles were available in two sizes; the same size as the Infantry musket and that of the Cavalry carbine. Their walnut stocks had little boxes with brass lids in their butts to hold tools and the greased leather patches that were wrapped around the bullets to make them grip the rifling. Riflemen were also issued with a sword bayonet for close combat. The sword bayonet for the rifle was longer than the bayonets used on muskets of the time, it was issued for close combat fighting as the average soldier could fire two rounds per minute from the baker, and so close combat fighting was inevitable when in battle. Generally, issued bayonets were used and abused, not only used for fighting but for chopping wood and beating down fortifications. This one was issued and well used, the tip is worn and there is a slight bend towards the end. The solid brass hilt is in excellent condition and overall it is still in a good collectable grade. The back of the blade is marked with the maker ‘Gill’.
It measures; 27 inches long.
Ship to UK mainland only
via courier at £12.95

Code: 24582Price: 120.00 GBP

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British 1885 Cavalry Troopers Sword.

This sword was recently found in an attic on the east coast, I haven’t attempted any restoration or clean-up it is totally as found. The condition is good but it is covered with a heavy crust of patination. There are areas of light pitting to the blade while the rest of the blade looks quite clean. There are proof marks on the ricasso, but a good clean should reveal these better. The hilt is also in the same condition, heavily encrusted and some light to heavy pitting. The grip however is in very good order with no chips or cracking. A good sword for the limited budget collector, or anyone who fancies a challenge. A good historic piece in need of some TLC.
Ship to UK mainland only
via courier at £12.95

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Superb WW1 Era Officers Pocket Barometer/Altimeter in Case

This lovely pocket barometer/altimeter was made by the company of J. Hicks of London who were one of the most highly regarded makers of scientific instruments in its time and were based in Hatton garden London, this example is marked accordingly on the face and has ‘compensated’ to the top, the case is made from blackened brass, the dial with its rotating bezel is calibrated from zero to 10,000 feet and may have been used in balloons or on early aircraft, it has a blued needle. It comes in a super quality light brown leather case and would have been used by officers in the field. The condition of both pieces is very good, the needle on the dial has moved since its removal from the case but I have no idea how to set it, there are signs of age and use on the outer case and leather case, it measures nearly 3 inches in diameter.

Code: 24580Price: 85.00 GBP

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Superb Military Drum AAC Arborfield – REME

Superb Military Drum AAC Arborfield – REME A fantastic piece, all military drums are rare and seldom come onto the market. This is one of two I have and it is extremely rare. It is from the band of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, of the Army Apprentice School, Arborfield. The military college at Arborfield was opened in the 1920’s and served to train all army specialists, and it obviously played a significant roll during the war. The college was closed many years ago, but the old soldiers that I have had the pleasure to talk to, who were educated there, loved it, and it left them with many happy memories. This drum is in very good condition, there are a couple of scratches on the skin but this was used on very many military occasions. There is, in my opinion, no sight like a military drum, this one would look good in the corner of any war room. The last drum I sold was turned into a display table; at the time, I wasn’t too happy about it, but on seeing it, it looked fantastic. A really beautiful piece which measures; 14 x 14 x 12 inches. Shipping by UPS courier at £12.95

Code: 24579Price: 150.00 GBP

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Lovely Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case –Grenadier Guards

This super hallmarked silver cigarette case has the emblem for the Grenadier Guards to the front and was probably the property of an officer from the regiment, on the inside of the lid it has the lion passant and a date letter of ‘P’ which puts it as London 1910, interestingly one side has been lined with a paper showing prices of different countries cigarettes and tobacco’s. it comes in good condition with some dings to the outside and the inside elastic loose. It has a pleasant curve to the case and measures 3 inches x 2.5.

Code: 24578Price: 55.00 GBP

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Irish 1917 – 21 General Service Medal.

An original unnamed medal awarded to those who took part in the struggle for independence between the Easter uprising of 1916 and the 1921 independence from Britain treaty. This medal comes in superb original condition and it is covered with a nice even patination all over front and back. it comes on a piece of replacement ribbon.

Code: 24577Price: 245.00 GBP

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1837 Pattern Brunswick Rifle Bayonet.

Brass hilt Brunswick bayonet circa 1840’s. The Brunswick rifle entered production in Britain in 1836 and was Britain's first percussion rifle, replacing the Baker flintlock rifle, although both of the rifles had a similar bayonet lock configuration.
It has a good single edge steel blade terminating with a double edge section near the tip. it is in very good condition, the blade is nice and clean with very just a little light staining. All in all a very good example of this type of historic sword bayonet, measuring; 26 inches long.
Ship to UK mainland only

Code: 24576Price: 120.00 GBP

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Super Antique Metal Storage/Documents Tin Box

This is an excellent storage box and decorative in its own right, it is made from tin and has been decorated with a faux wood grain pattern, it is lockable and comes with the key. It is in very good condition with some surface wear, the lock works perfectly but the pin in the lock can move out of position so you have to be accurate with the key, it measures 15.5 inches long and is 9.5 deep, great for display or use.

Code: 24575Price:

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