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Superb Boer War – Edwardian Norfolk Regiment Lieutenants Tunic

This scarce and wonderful Norfolk regimental Tunic dates from the Boer war into the Edwardian period up to the Great war and could not be more ‘Norfolk’ if it tried…it was made in Norwich by R.H. Mason & Son Castle Meadow Norwich and has really never left the area. It is a Lieutenants jacket and possibly carries the name of the owner ‘Walsh’ on a period little sticky label on the inside of the collar. The body is quality Melton wool and the inner is lined and quilted with a cream silk, it is emblazoned with gold and silver bullion work and is complete with its full set of original buttons and collar dogs. For its age it is in super condition, there are no holes and it shows light signs of age and use. Remember people were much smaller back then so for its age it is of a reasonable size, the chest measures 32 inches, the collar is 15 and 30 inches long from collar to bottom at the back.
This will make a great display piece.

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Kings South Africa Medal to Mills KRRC.

A lovely example of the KSA Medal correctly named to 5102 Private Charles Mills of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, with the South Africa 1901 and 1902 bars.
Apart from this man’s attestation papers, no other research has been done, his papers show he enlisted into the reserve in 1899 and was called into the 7th battalion in the May of 1900 and posted to south Africa later that year. The KRRC played a very active part in the 2nd Anglo Boer war, the regimental history is fascinating, although I haven’t read it for some time, but I believe that this regiment became mounted infantry in the latter part of the war.
A great website to visit regarding any regiment serving in South Africa is the; AngloBoerWar.com. Here is a brief by concise history on all regiments and they also have some wonderful images, take a look.
This medal is in excellent condition, hardly any wear to the surface and the naming is good and clear. It now comes mounted on black velvet with original badges.

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Boer War Era Lee Metford Bayonet & Scabbard.

A good quality double-edged bayonet originally manufactured to fit the Pattern 1888 Lee Metford Infantry Rifle. The hilt incorporates an odd-shaped pommel with push-button spring latch and a steel cross guard. The grips are of wood and held in place by two brass rivets; an oil hole is present behind the second rivet.
The double edge blade is un-fullered with a medial rib the runs from the ricasso to the blade tip.
This one has Various British proofs and a manufacturer's mark for Sanderson of Sheffield. It also bears the "X" blade proof-mark; the "broad arrow" over WD (War Department) Government acceptance mark; and a unique Birmingham inspectors number mark with the crown over B over 53. It also carries the manufacture date mark for October 1896.
The scabbard is made of steel-mounted leather with a single elongated oval frog stud.
The condition is very good, there is some very light pitting to the pommel, cross guard and the steel parts on the scabbard but the blade is in very good original condition, as are the wood grips. The leather on the scabbard is also in very good order with no sign of dry cracking.
A good example of this Boer war bayonet.
Shipping to UK mainland only.
Ref. 21892

Pics to follow

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WW1 era Officers Compass in Leather Case.

A wonderful WW1 era Blackened Brass officers compass in its original case which is dated 1917.
Most front line officers were issued this type of compass, so they are usually well used and worn. This one is in superb original condition, showing very little wear to black finish over the brass body of the compass. The compass itself is still in very good working condition with no loss to the fluid it is suspended in.
The leather case, which looks to be its original, that is, all the wear is in the right places fitting this particular instrument; this is dated 1917, but the date mark is pretty hard to make out, in fact, I didn't notice it myself, a friend pointed it out, but it is there, again, it comes in excellent condition. A really good example and in a very collectable grade. Please see pictures.
Ref. 19905

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Rare Full Set of WW1 Savings Stamps – War in the Air Series

This is a complete set of 60 National war savings committee stamps, they were issued in only small amounts to savings associations or shopkeepers who passed them on to children who purchased 6d of war savings stamps, they were known as war savings pictures, as the set is complete, and therefor very rare, I suspect they were kept back by the retailer for his children.
I obtained these from a private collector who in 1979 enquired after their history and value and also typed out a list of the various stamps, a copy of which will go with the stamps.
They feature dog fights, air balloons, airships and aerobatics etc, complete and nicely filed in a book they come in very good condition and have never been stuck.
Ref. 22656

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Victorian Khedives Star 1882

The Anglo–Egyptian war is an interesting campaign to study, but in brief it all started when an Egyptian rebel army officer initiated a coup against Tewfik Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt and Sudan in 1878,the Egyptians were very unhappy at their rate of pay, minimal compared to any European worker. The French and British declared their allegiance to the Khedive's authority; mainly due to British interest in the Suez Canal; after a riot occurred in Alexandria in the May 1882 that killed over 50 Europeans, the British sent a small fleet of war ships which bombarded the city of Alexandria; a large part of the city was destroyed partly by the bombardment and partly by the rebels that set fires to property, so the British had nothing to take over.
The medal comes in very good condition just some light wear on the high points, overall it has a good even tone.
Ref. 17735

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Medals & Personal Items to F/O Gainsbury RAF.

A small but interesting group of items all belonging to Kenneth P Gainsbury a Flight Officer with the RAFVR. The medals are the 1939-45 star, Deffence and war medal. All three are mounted on a ribbon bar, as worn.
There are several clues to his service with the RAFVR, firstly there are a few photos included, one a wedding photo which shows Ganinsbury with sergeants strips and a full set of wings, so at this stage he is a flight sergeant. There is a key ring with keys, his dog tags and two West African coins. So he probably served with the RAF special duty’s section in West Africa. This was a strategic position which gave access to North Africa and it was a valuable station to get supplies to the 1st and 8th army during the North Africa campaign. Also it was used as a base from which Special Forces were dropped into North Africa.
Unfortunately there was no campaign medal for service here, it wasn’t a campaign in itself, the war wasn’t raging there, however most who served there were helping the war effort against Rommel, but they were not awarded the Africa star or even a bar for they’re service. It looks like the only memento of his time there is the two white metal coins on his key chain.
Also in this lot are various little pieces of insignia, buttons and his original sergeant’s stripes. His wife’s ID card and a large portrait photograph of Kenneth Gainsbury in later life. He was a member of the Free Masons, the picture shows him in his full regalia. And very handsome he looks too.
This man needs research, I’m sure you will uncover something interesting.

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WW1 Era Ross Binoculars in Leather Case

Super pair of WW1 binoculars made by Ross of London, marked with the broad arrow on the top and called 'stereo prism binoculars power x 8' these are unusual in the fact that they have Bakelite eye pieces, made to resemble Tortoiseshell possibly private purchase by an officer. The optics are perfect, there is wear on the body where hands have held them many times, the field brown leather case is complete, a bit faded and stained but retains its original leather strap.

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Vintage Whitby Bowie Knife & Sheath.

A fabulous quality large bowie knife just marked Whitby on the blade. it has a very heavy gauge steel blade terminating at a heavy gauge white metal cross guard. The hilt has thick hard wood grips held in place by three brass rivets. It comes in its original leather sheath embossed with an image of a stag etc.
The condition is excellent; the blade was probably blued at one time as there is still remains showing. A lovely substantial piece, measuring 16.5 inches in sheath.
Proof of age required on purchase.
Ship to UK mainland only.

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Superb Collection of 12 Boer War Manchester Philatelic War Fund Stamps

This is a very rare collection of 12 stamps in a sheet issued by the Manchester philatelic society to raise funds for the Boer war, I have found individual stamps priced between £15-£30 a piece so a sheet of 12 is a rarity, they come in super unused condition and have been well protected under plastic sheet. Each stamp measures roughly 1.75 of an inch x 1.5.
Ref. 23531

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