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An Interesting Collection of Militaria to include; Weapons, WW1 & WW2 Medals & Groups, Ephemera, Badges, WW1 & WW2 German Militaria, plus loads of other eclectic objects and curios.
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WW2 German Luftwaffe Belt Buckle by Friedrich Keller

A superb WW2 Luftwaffe Aluminium belt buckle marked FKO for Friedrich Keller of Oberstein.
The buckle is in lovely original condition, the front of the buckle shows very little wear. Its only fault is the belt prong roller is a little bent and the steel pin that runs through it is a little rusty. I’m sure this could be easily persuaded back into shape. A very good example for any collection.

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WW2 German Krim Campaign Shield.

Awarded for the German advance through the Crimean peninsula between the autumn of 1941 and the summer of 1942. To commemorate the hostilities that ended with the German capture of Sevastopol on 4 July 1942 the Crimea Shield was created for all members of the armed forces under area commander Field Marshal Erich von Manstein who, had served in the area for at least 90 days. If wounded while serving in the area, or had been engaged in at least one major operation against the enemy.
This one is a great example of this shield, it comes in excellent original condition, however the four pins from the back have all broken off and are missing. It is obvious that this has been taken off a uniform; the black wool backing is a little scruffy around the edges through use. The front of the shield still has wonderful detail and it has a lovely even tone with just slight wear to the high points.

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Post War German Respirator Cold War Era.

Late 1960’s German Respirator, filter, accessories box and webbing bag all mounted on a board for museum display.
I haven’t taken it off of the display board, so it is as you see it here.
Priced to clear.

Code: 22750Price: 15.00 GBP

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WW2 Belgian Anti-German Manneken Pis Ashtray.

What a wonderful piece of WW2 anti German propaganda, in the form of a brass ashtray having a figure of the famous Manneken Pis, Peeing (for a better word) on the Swastika. Must be a scarce piece, I’ve never seen one before.
The Manneken Pis meaning "Little man Pee" (in Dutch) is a landmark in Brussels, depicting small bronze sculpture of a naked little boy urinating into a fountain's basin.
This piece is in very good, but used condition, measuring 3.5 inches high

Code: 22749Price: 22.00 GBP

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WW2 Kriegsmarine Death Card, Photo & Badge U-Boat Crew.

Here we have a small group of original WW2 era items which all came together and believed to have belonged to Senior Lance-Corporal Johannes Goldberg of the U319.
It comprises of the WW2 U-boat Badge War badge: this was awarded for two or more patrols at sea, if the recipient was wounded or killed in action. The former, seems a lowly requirement, but a typical U-boat war cruise would often run into months at a time. Completing two war patrols could be equally dangerous as the U-boat has to endure constant attacks by Allied aircraft and ships. This is a late war issue by Schwerin of berlin 68.
This is a late war badge in fair condition. surprisingly, it still retains most of its original gilt, but where the gilt has worn off, these areas are heavily patinated. It has a good visible mark on the back but the catch to the pin has long since broken off, this looks like a repair was attempted at some time an failed.Also the pin has some light corrosion, but this whole badge could be cleaned and restored quite easily, and make it a valuable collectable. But as it is, still a good original badge.
A photograph of a Kriegsmarine crew marching in some kind of parade. On the front there is a small x by one of the crew members, which I take to be Goldberg. On the back of the card is written Oberleutnant Johannes Clemens.
Lastly the death card. This is to Crew member Johannes Goldberg U-Boat Senior Lance-Corporal “Who died at the age of 20. On 19th July 1944 his faithful soul is recommended to the holy sea in silent prayers to find eternal peace”.
This relates to the sinking of the U-Boat 319. It was sunk by a British B-24 Liberator of 206 Squadron RAF in the North Sea, southwest of Lindesnes, on 15 July 1944. Fifty-one men from the U-boat died. There were no survivors. The aircraft failed to return; it was presumably shot down by the U-boat's anti-aircraft defenses. Oberleutnant Johannes Clemens remains were recovered and interred at the military cemetery in Stavanger.
For the rest of the crew, only a few bodies wash up on shore in the days that followed, most, including Goldberg, were never recovered.
The date on the card and the date of U319 sinking are understandably a little adrift, the card was produced soon after his family received the news of his death, so who knows what they were told at the time.
The condition of the two cards are very good and well preserved.
A rare and sad reminder of the losses on the German U-Boats during the war, they were just the same as our brave boys who were fighting for a cause they believed in, whatever that may have been.

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Rare Set 1930’s German Awards for Trade and Industry.

A beautiful boxed set of awards made by the Carl Poellath manufactory, awarded for excellence in trade and industry, by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Oberbayern. It comprises of a large table medallion, a medal suspended on a ribbon and a small lapel pin. All in bronze. Where this was a third prize, I do not know, I can only find an example of the large medallion in bronze, but there may be a gold and silver versions out there somewhere. Beautifully designed with a very art deco image, this set comes in perfect condition and in its original box of issue. the main medallion measures. 2 inches in diameter.

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Rare WW1 Era Risque German Aluminium Pin Tray

A pretty pin tray made from aluminium and showing a German soldier in uniform with his sweetheart alongside to the front; when flipped over on the back you can see that the soldier is lifting the ladies skirt, Risqué for the time. It has a makers mark impressed into the side on the back, this is partially obscured. The tray comes in excellent original condition and measures just under 5 inches long. A rare piece.

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Victorian Era Lead Bust of a German Officer with Pickelhaube

Maybe a childs toy or perhaps a game piece this little lead bust of a German officer with pickelhaube stands just under 1.5 inches high, it has been hollow cast from lead and would have been painted in colours as residue blue, red and black can be seen faintly. Comes in good but used condition.

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Scarce WW1 British Anti German Iron Cross

Many differing opinions surround this type of iron cross including being dropped onto the German lines to demoralise the troops, being sold to raise funds for the British forces, and being used for anti German propaganda purposes, either way it is a glimpse into the British thinking during the Great War. There are at least 12 variations to this style of cross, this one features 6 different European towns but some have British towns to one side.
Made from iron and black painted this example has Louvain, Amiens, Rheims, Dinant, antwerp and Ghent and both sides the date of 1914.
Measures 1.75 inches square and comes in good condition with some loss to the black paint in areas.

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Two Pre WW1 German Military Postcards - Unusual

Here are two pre Unusual WW1 German postcards, one has been postally used and is dated 1909, this shows a regiment of Germans complete with a boat in the background and the oars mixed among the men, it has been hand written in pencil along the top front. The second card shows a gymnastics display by the men some holding German flags, this one has not been postally used. Both come in very good condition.

Code: 22743Price: 12.00 GBP

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