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A Magnificent Family Group of Medals & Important Items to Marchant Family. RMLI. RN. REME.

A Magnificent Family Group of Medals & Important Items to Marchant Family. RMLI. RN. REME.
A superb family group of medals and important personal effects all to the Marchant family of Hampshire.
The first lot is to Major John Marchant of the Royal Marine Light Infantry and the Army Pay Department and Lieutenant Colonel of the Church Lads Brigade. He was born 1869 in London, however in later censuses, he states his birthplace as Berkshire. He was raised by his mother Ellen as his father, John dies when he was two years old. He must have also have been in the navy, as his mother lives the rest of her life on a navy pension.
He was educated at the Bancroft Hospital Drapers Company School for Boys until he was around 15 when he went into the Royal marines. In 1887 we see him at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and by the October 1889 he is a Lieutenant aboard HMS Invincible. By 1891 he is a Captain in the Royal Marines and is married to Minnie Agnes; they both go on to have three children, two boys, Macnamara and Maurice follow their father into the armed service, Macnamara in the Royal Navy (more about him later) and Maurice in the RMLI. And one girl Jessie, who by the look of it remained her mother companion until she was a good age.
Between 1901 and 1911 he relinquishes his commision in the Royal marines and takes a commision as Major with the Army Pay Department with the War Office. During the Great War he was still serving with the APD and attached to the South Staffordshire regiment; he saw service as a Major in Egypt but towards the end of the war he was discharged with a silver war badge, probably with sickness rather than wounds, but his SWB list does not state which.
He retired to Portsmouth, to be near the sea and john sadly dies in 1951.
Major John Marchant’s lot comprises of his 1914/15 star, British war and victory medals, mounted as worn and correctly named to; Major. J. Marchant. A.P.D. These are in very good original condition, with some contact marks from wearing. He was probably entitled to a LS&GC medal, but there is no space for it on the bar and no mention of one on his mic. His officers cane, this has hallmarked silver mounts and yellow gold badges, the Royal Marines on one side and the Church Lads Brigade badge on the other. It is mounted at the top with, what I think is a load stone
It is engraved; “Presented to Captain J Marchant RMLI (Lieutenant Colonel) of the (Church Lads Brigade). By the Officers of the 3rd Battalion Lichfield Regiment CLB. On Resigning his Command. 11th March 1903”. A wonderful Victorian oak framed photograph of Major John Marchant, in home service dress sitting astride his horse. On its own this is a scarce picture of an officer of the Royal Marine Light Infantry in full service dress, measuring; 22 x 17 inches and in excellent condition. His Victorian 4-draw field telescope, which has his name painted on it in small black letters on the leather parts. Also here is his sword, a 1895 pattern Leve dress sword, Nickel plated with Nickel plated scabbard, but more about the sword later.
The next lot is to Midshipman Macnamara Marchant Royal Navy; the eldest son of Major John and Mrs Minnie Marchant. Macnamara was born in Hertfordshire 1900. He is commissioned into the Royal Navy as Midshipman at the age of 12. He was educated from that age at a Royal navy training establishment and his first posting was to HMS Albion in the August of 1914 as Midshipman.
In August 1914, the Albion was mobilised and returned to the Channel Fleet, but was quickly sent to the Atlantic to help defend against the possibility of German warships breaking out of the North Sea. In December and January 1915, she supported operations against German Southwest Africa. She was transferred to the Mediterranean Sea in January 1915, to participate in the Dardanelles Campaign and fight in major attacks on the Ottoman coastal fortifications defending the Dardanelles in March 1915. During these operations, Albion was damaged by Ottoman artillery twice, so in October 1915, she was transferred to Salonika to support the Allied operations against Bulgaria through then-neutral Greece. After this, she saw no further action and she was transferred back to Ireland in April 1916, for service as a guard ship. From here Macnamara Marchant was transferred to HMS Vanguard, a St Vincent-class St Vincent-class dreadnought battleship in June 1916, again as Midshipman, he was just 16 years old. The Vanguard had just been engaged at the battle of Jutland and Midshipman Marchant joined her while she was patrolling the North Sea for activity of German Ships.
Shortly before midnight on 9 July 1917 at Scapa Flow, Vanguard suffered a series of internal magazine explosions. She sank almost instantly, killing 843 of the 845 men aboard. Midshipman Marchant was one of souls lost.
He is now remembered with honour at the Chatham Naval Memorial.
Midshipman Marchant lot comprises of; 1914/15 star, British war and victory medal all correctly named to; Mid. M. Marchant. R.N.
Pair to 14427345 Corporal John Marchant of the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers. It comprises of the 1918-62 general service medal correctly named to the above, with the 1945-48 Palestine clasp, and the 1939-45 war medal, unnamed as issued. Both are mounted on a brooch bar. This comes with the original named and addressed box of issue with a ribbon bar, which has been taken from a uniform.
John Marchant was the Grandson of Major John Marchant and the son of Maurice Marchant, born 1925 and the holder of the above collection and this man’s service history needs research.
Lastly the 1895 pattern Infantry Officers dress sword. This is the Levee type, totally for dress, a smaller lighter version of this pattern sword. It has a nickel-plated hilt with a pierced guard showing queen Victoria’s cypher. Ray skin covered grip with silver twisted wire and a plain, single fullered blade. It has a nickel plated steel scabbard with two hanger rings. This is in excellent original condition, it only real fault is the grip is missing a small piece of ray skin due to wear, please see pictures. The scabbard is also in very good order, no rusting just a single shallow dent to one side. The guard is engraved;
“Major John Marchant. R.M.L.I 1.2.1887 – 12.12.1916.
Midshipman Macnamara Marchant. R.N. 9.5.1912 – 9.7.1917.
2nd Lieut Maurice Marchant R.M.L.I. 1.10.21 – .
A truly fabulous lot to one family who suffered the loss of their eldest son during the Great War. Accompanying this group is several pages of research, census records, service papers, medal index card, etc. But if inclined there is a lot more research to do on the major, his sons and grandson.
I will not split this family group or sell the sword separately, I know it is worth more split into pieces, but it is important that it all stay together.
Because of the picture and the sword, this will cost £16 to send by courier, but on this occasion I will accept collection in person if you prefer.

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A Magnificent Family Group of Medals & Important Items to Marchant Family. RMLI. RN. REME.


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A Magnificent Family Group of Medals & Important Items to Marchant Family. RMLI. RN. REME.


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Superb Colt Navy Revolver Blank Firing Replica.

A just superb quality Vintage .22 blank firing replica of the 1851 Colt Navy Revolver. It is made of blued steel which has been engraved on each side and the cylinder is finely engraved with ships and it also stamped with ‘COLTS PATENT No. PAT SEPT 10th 1850’. It has a working loading leaver and the lower part of the frame, trigger guard and back strap is made of solid brass, this is also beautifully engraved with foliate scrolls. It has hardwood grips, which look satin walnut and the whole piece is in wonderful condition and in excellent working order. The lock is tight and sharp with no movement and it cocks and fires, just as it should. If you bought new, you would not buy any better. It measures 12.75 inches long.
Sold on Consignment BL15J
Proof of age required on purchase.
Sold to UK only.

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1914/15 Star trio to Boltwood 30th Siege Battery RGA.

A good untouched WW1 1914/15 star, British war and victory medal all correctly named to 26873 Gunner William Boltwood of the 30th Siege Battery. Royal Garrison Artillery.
Apart from medal index car, medal roll and silver war badge list, (included) no other research has been done on this man. William was a regular soldier, he enlisted into the artillery in June 1907. He served in France from 27th August 1915, a gunner with heavy howitzers, he would have been employed firing large calibre high explosive shells in high trajectory, destroying the enemy artillery, as well as putting destructive fire down on strongpoints, dumps, store, roads and railways behind enemy lines. The usual armaments used were 6 inch, 8 inch and 9.2 inch howitzers, although some had huge railway- or road-mounted 12 inch howitzers. Due to their destructive power, they themselves were an important target to be destroyed by enemy fire and they were often targeted by bomber aircraft.
William Boltwood was discharged with wounds in March 1919.
Also with his medal was found; three photographs of William in uniform, one in a frame with his wife or sweetheart and another which must be older William taken in the 1930’s - 40’s. What is believed to be his original Royal Artillery brass cap badge and shoulder badges.
The medals are in very good original condition, the victory medal, still retains some of its original gilt finish and all medals look like they have never been mounted or worn, they are heavily tone and there is no sign that they have ever been polished. Just a nice untouched lot.

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French 1874 Pattern Gras Bayonet.

A wonderful example of this 19th century French bayonet which was originally made for the French Model 1874 Gras Infantry Rifle, manufactured from 1874 to about 1885
It has a solid brass pommel with push-button latching mechanism. the grips are wood and the cross guard is steel with a muzzle ring and hooked quillon, which is numbered 83061 and stamped with proof marks. This is all in very good condition, the brass parts are toned and the grips show some wear but have a good untouched patina.
The blade is steel and triangular, with two edges and a broad spine. The spine is clearly engraved with the arsenal, ‘Mre d' Armes de St. Etienne Janvier 1879’. The blade is nice, clean and free from any rust or pitting. There is some light wear, where it has been pulled from the scabbard countless times. The ricasso is also stamped with proof marks.
The scabbard is basically a rolled steel tube with a ball finial, this still has around 95% of its original bluing still remaining. It is stamped with 86740 on the back of the frog loop.
All in all a collectable grade of bayonet which is untouched from any restoration.
It measures; 26 inches long.

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WW2 Naval Cap Tally HMS Danae

A good WW2 Naval cap tally for HMS Danae,comes mounted for display and in great condition, includes information on the vessel.

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Victorian North Lancashire Regiment OR’s Helmet Plate.

A Victorian Loyal North Lancashire regiment helmet plate, for the blue cloth home service helmet used from 1881 to 1901. Made of a brass alloy known as gilding metal, this comes in excellent original condition, it shows only a little wear to the front of the plate and it has a wonderful mellow patina. It also still retains its original red woollen felt backing on the detachable centre; a lovely piece of original Victorian insignia.

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Superb Collection of 12 Boer War Manchester Philatelic War Fund Stamps

This is a rare collection of 12 stamps in a sheet issued by the Manchester philatelic society to raise funds for the Boer war, I have found individual stamps priced between £15-£30 a piece so a sheet of 12 is a rarity, they come in super unused condition and have been well protected under plastic sheet. Each stamp measures roughly 1.75 of an inch x 1.5.

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Vintage Shoulder Stock for the Colt Navy Revolver.

This is a beautiful piece on its own, but it is made to fit the 1851 Colt Navy Revolver. It has a beautiful walnut stock with solid brass fittings and butt plate. It hooks under the revolver’s but plate which has a small rebate in it to take a shoulder stock. It all adjusts and locks off by the screw on the top. the condition is excellent and it looks as if it has never been used any great deal. It measures 17 .5 inches long. Please see pictures for further measurements.
Sold on Consignment BL75

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