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WW2 German Luftwaffe Officers Dagger Ė Good Maker

A lovely 2nd pattern Luftwaffe officers dagger. Its prominent features include the wonderful cross guard of the Luftwaffe eagle holding the swastika in its claws and the pommel decorated with sprays of oak leaves with a swastika nestling in the centre; all in good condition with no loss of plate. The yellow grip still has all of its silver wire binding, although the grip is a little discoloured in places. It has a good blade, this has seen some wear, it has some very light pitting in small areas and the makers mark for; Paul Weyersberg & Co of Solingen is worn, but still readable. The scabbard is in good condition, some very small areas of plate loss to one side, just spots really, the other side, the display side is all-good.
All in all a good dagger, not perfect, but it is nowhere near a perfect condition price. A good example for anyone who doesnít have the large budget for a mint dagger. Please see detailed pictures for condition.
Ship to UK mainland only via courier UPS at £12.95

Code: 24005Price: 350.00 GBP

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Interesting WW2 German Photo Album NCO Anti-Aircraft Crew.

A very interesting WW2 photo album taken by a NCO of a German Antiaircraft gun crew. The many pictures include wrecked and shot down allied aircraft, German aircraft and motorised vehicles, tanks, trains and German invasion aircraft and the antiaircraft crew themselves. There is a picture of a rare Junkers G.38 a four-engine transport plane, which held a number of records, and at the time the largest land based aircraft in the world. It could carry up to thirty passengers, some in the wings and the engines were accessible by the crew in flight. The picture shows one of only two planes produced, one crashed on a post maintenance flight in 1936 and the other one, surmising thins one, was destroyed in an RAF raid on Athens in May 1941.
The album contains 168 photographs in all please see pictures for content.

Code: 24004Price:

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WW1 German 1898/05 Butcher Bayonet Ė by Mauser

The German Butcher bayonet made between 1905 to around 1918, although they were used during WW2. Designed to fit the 1898 German Mauser Carbines and Rifles.
This one is in very good condition; it has good wood grips and the pommel and the cross guard are heavily patinated but no rust. It has no muzzle ring, just two stubs known as Ďearsí. The blade is good with no rust, it is again, heavily patinated and it will clean back, if you wish to do so. It has good makers mark Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf . The mark is a little rubbed but still readable. There is also a proof mark on the back of the blade with the date mark for 1916.
The steel scabbard has a polished finish, this has been cleaned back recently, obviously, someone had started to restore this bayonet, luckily they didnít get to the blade. It measures 20.5 inches long in its scabbard.
All in all a very good looking bayonet.

Proof of age required on purchase.
Ship to UK mainland only

Code: 24003Price: 120.00 GBP

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WW2 era Infantry Assault Badge Ė Silver Class.

A very good mid war 2nd class Infantry assault badge, it was awarded to Waffen SS and Wehrmacht Heer soldiers during World War II who had achieved the following criteria;
To have taken part in three or more infantry assaults.
To have taken part in three or more infantry counter-attacks.
To have taken part in three or more armed reconnaissance operations.
To have engaged in hand-to-hand combat in an assault position.
To have participated on three separate days in the restitution of combat positions.
This one is in good order, heavily patinated although the nickel pin on the back is still good and clean. It has also been slightly bent to fit the uniform. With a light clean, it will come up beautiful. A good original late badge.

Code: 24002Price: 70.00 GBP

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Bundle of German Field Post from NCO to Mother Ė Interesting.

A lovely original and untouched lot of WW2 German filed post. Sent by a NCO in the German army from mainly the Russian front to his mother. She has bound them together with the ribbon from her motherís cross. I have only looked at a few, but they seem full of sentiment and love for his mother. A cracking lot for research, did he survive the harsh conditions of eastern campaign or was he one of the very many casualties of the Russian front. There is approximately 36 pieces of corrisponence dating through 1940 / 41.

Code: 24001Price:

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WW2 Era German Luftwaffe Bronze Reconnaissance Clasp.

A good Luftwaffe bronze class Reconnaissance Clasp; awarded for 20 completed missions. This one is a good honest badge which has seen some wear and it looks like discarded. It is heavily patinated and the broad pin on the back is slightly bent. But under this it still remains in good condition. the pinís hing is atill in very good order and silver birds head still has lovely detail. It just dirty. On the back is the makers mark for JMME & Sohn Berlin. Please see pictures.

Code: 24000Price:

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WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class, with Makers Mark CD 800

A superb example of the EKII, which has a nice clear makerís mark of CD 800 on the suspender ring, for Carl Dillenius of Pforzheim. A very well respected maker producing very good quality items.
It is the typical three-part construction with a magnetic iron core, which comes in very good original condition, please see pictures. A nice all original medal from a good maker.

Code: 23999Price: 55.00 GBP

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WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class, with Makers Mark GWL?

A superb example of the EKII, which has an unclear makerís mark which looks like GWL on the suspender ring, for Gebruder Wegerhoff of Ludenscheid. I have had medals with his mark before and they are nearly always slightly miss-stamped due to the length of the mark.
It is the typical three-part construction with a magnetic iron core, which comes in excellent original condition and the silver is heavily toned, please see pictures. A nice all original medal from a good maker.

Code: 23998Price: 55.00 GBP

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WW2 Era German Mothers Cross in Gold,

The requirements to receive a cross was; both, parents and children are of German blood, the mother is worthy and the children are born alive. The Gold cross was awarded for 8 or more children.
This one is excellent condition with no damage to the enamels just very slight wear to the gilding on the back. A super example which comes on its original ribbon styled for wearing.

Code: 23997Price: 58.00 GBP

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WW1 German Discus or Turtle Grenade

In 1915 the German army developed the discushandgranaten or discus hand grenade dubbed the turtle grenade by the allied soldiers, thrown like a discus with a curling motion to activate the mechanics inside it was designed to explode on impact not having any time delay allowing it to be returned by the enemy. This example comes in fair condition, there are a couple of holes through the body on one side, the firing pin is present, it measures 4.25 inches in diameter.
ship to UK mainland only.

Code: 23996Price: 70.00 GBP

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