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Victorian Devonshire Regiment OR’s Helmet Plate

A Devonshire regiment helmet plate, for the blue cloth home service helmet used from 1881 to 1901. Made of a brass alloy known as gilding metal, this comes in excellent original condition, it obviously has a little wear to the front of the plate, but the back still shows its original gilt finish. It also still retains its original red woollen felt backing on the detachable centre; a lovely piece of original Victorian insignia.

Code: 23237Price: 85.00 GBP

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British 1827 Pattern Rifle Officers Sword By Robson.

Boer war period Infantry or rifle officers sword in the 1827 pattern. It has a steel guard pierced with Victoria’s crown above the light infantry horn. A ray skin covered grip with twisted copper wire. The long straight blade has a deep broad single fuller on both sides; the blade is decorated with etching of foliate scrolls, Queen Victoria’s cypher and the infantry horn. The scabbard is the brown leather covered field scabbard.
This sword is in very good original and untouched condition. the metal on the hilt has a covering of a light rust bloom, this could be cleaned back quite easily. The blade is pretty clean and the etching is still good and clear, apart from the makers mark which is quite difficult to make out; but with the light in the right direction it reads ‘Robson & Sons.
The leather covered scabbard is in good order with a nice patina, the broad chape looks like it has been repaired or replaced a long time ago, probably a field repair. Overall a good sword in a very collectable condition at a very reasonable price.
Shipping to UK only via UPS at £12.95

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Edwardian Royal Artillery Helmet Plate.

A lovely quality example of a Royal Artillery Blue cloth or home service helmet plate. Used from 1902 – 1914 this one comes in excellent original condition; originally it would have been covered with gilt, this has long been worn away from the front, but can be seen bright and clean on the back, along with the tree lugs which are also in the same good order. It also has a movable wheel on the cannon and the whole piece is a nice heavy gauge quality.

Code: 23234Price: 85.00 GBP

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WW1 Dorsetshire Regiment Cap and Shoulder Badge.

WW1 era Dorsetshire Regiment bi-metal cap badge and brass shoulder title.
This is a lovely old badge, a little wear on the high points, but a wonderful patina. This badge was, I believe issued from 1901 until 1951 in variants. After this date a very similar badge was issued, but with just ‘Dorset’ in the banner at the bottom. The original shoulder title is also in good order.
Ref. Z15

Code: 23233Price: 16.00 GBP

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WW1 Hertfordshire Yeomanry Cap Badge.

1914 pattern badge for the Hertfordshire Yeomanry, the cap badge was a direct copy of the old Hertfordshire Imperial Yeomanry collar dog. after the first world war, the regiment was converted to artillery, so the badge was discontinued. In the 1950’s the Hertfordshire Yeomanry was reformed, a new badge was issued, and in the early 1960’s the regiment was merged with the Bedfordshire Yeomanry, so the badge changed again.
This is a lovely badge and in excellent condition. The slider is stamped with the makers details. Please see pictures.
Ref. Z14

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WW2 Reconnaissance Corps Cap Badge.

The 2nd pattern brass badge worn by the war raised unit, which started in the January of 1941 and disbanded in August 1946. It is in good used condition with a good even tone.
Ref. Z13

Code: 23231Price: 8.00 GBP

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Interesting WW1 Trio Etc to Stringer RN.

A good interesting lot which comes just as found from a clearance. It comprises of a 1914/15 star trio to J. 15781 Willian George Stringer. Able Seaman. Royal Navy (Leading Seaman on BWM and Victory).
Also included are various photographs, odd buttons and sweetheart brooches, please see pictures for content.
William Stringer enlisted into the navy in 1912, the navy obviously offered more opportunity than the life of a plumbers assistant. During the first world war he served on HMS Hindustan until July 1915. The Hindustan formed part of the 3rd Battle Squadron. The squadron was assigned to the Grand Fleet at the beginning of World War I and served on the Northern Patrol. From here, he underwent some training at land bases, the Victory and Excellent. Then on a number sea going ships for just a short time; from August 1917 to 1919 he served at HMS Egmont, this was another land base, but in Malta. He was finally discharged from the RN in February 1920. I have only touched on this man’s service, some research is needed to determine exactly what he did during the war. This lot comes with a copy of his RN service papers. The medals are in good condition, mounted as worn, so there are some contact marks to the BWM.

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Lot Relating to Capt Black RAMC.

An odd little lot taken from a house clearance and comprises of a WW2 US mess tin drinking vessel engraved; R. W. Black Capt. RAMC. An old hip flask, a pair of WW2 Royal Army Medical Corps Captains epaulettes complete with insignia. A WW2 RAMC officers cap badge, a photograph of three RAMC officers after the war at some kind of function. This is stuck to a photo album page, and on the other side is a small photo of an officer in BD uniform, who looks to be the same officer who is on the left hand side in the bigger picture, Captain Black I assume.
I funny little lot which I couldn’t split, because I think Captain Black was a Para medical officer, as he has para wings on his sleeve. I can’t find anything about captain Black online, but then again, I only had a quick look. Could be a worthwhile research project.
All of the items here are in good used condition. the epaulettes have a little old moth damage, this is long gone, but I have treated it just in case.

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Superb WW1 1915 Dated Officers Field Compass by Verner

It will be hard to beat the quality of this piece, it is a brass Verner’s pattern mark VII officers field compass, it is marked to the back with ‘Anglo-Swiss association No36605 1915’ and the broad arrow mark, the leather case which is also dated for 1915 has the makers name of J.B. Brooks & Co Ltd on the front. The compass has a lock down dial operated by one of the buttons on the side, all hinges and gauges are in excellent condition, in fact all round it is wonderful, there is some minute discolouration to the metal on the front of the case and signs of age on the leather strap on the case. You will be hard pressed to find better.

Code: 23228Price: 155.00 GBP

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WW1 Medal Pair to Sapper Read Royal Engineers.

A good WW1 British War and Victory medal correctly named to 541113. Sapper Henry. F. Read of the Royal Engineers. (There is an error on the victory medal, which has his number 241113, 541113 is confirmed in his mic). He was a territorial and his original number was 1957. Apart from a copy of his medal index card, no other research has been done on this man, but in my opinion, he was serving with the territorials well before the war; he is an older man, and probably a digger or from a field coy, and the reason he was sent overseas, after 1916, was to dig or repair trenches etc.
Both medals are in very good condition, never mounted or worn and come totally untouched and pretty much all of the original gilt remains on the victory medal and the BWM has never been polished.

Code: 23227Price: 35.00 GBP

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