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WW2 Medal Group to Wilson Coldstream Guards Killed Nijmegen

A WW2 group of medals found in a house clearance recently, all awarded to 2660554 Lance Corporal Bruce Wilson of the 1st battalion Coldstream Guards. It comprises of 1939/45 star, France and Germany star, the Defence medal and the 1939/45 war medal. all medals come in box of issue named to; Mr E. J. Wilson 37 Clarmont Road Headingley Leeds. (To Father, I believe) Various photographs of Lance Corporal Wilson including a wedding photo when he married Dorothy. And the kings letter of condolence to Mrs D. M. Wilson (Wife), this is mounted in a small frame and it is now a little faded.
I am sorry to say, I possess no WW2 regimental history on the Coldstream Guards, but with just a little research I can say that they were mobilized in 1939 and were present at Dunkirk. They later went on to serve with the Guards Armoured Division in northern Europe with the BEF until the end of the war. Bruce Wilson is remembered with honour at the Jonkerbos war cemetery in Holland. The Netherlands fell to the Germans in May 1940 and was not re-entered by Allied forces until September 1944. Nijmegen was a front line town from 17 September 1944 until February 1945. An initial temporary cemetery was created by No. 3 Casualty Clearing station, in a wooded area known as Jonkers Bosch, from which the cemetery took its name.
Lance corporal Bruce Wilson died of his wounds on 30th September 1944. Nijmegen is not as renown as Arnhem but the fighting and casualties were just as horrific. The Allies' primary goal was to capture the two bridges over the Waal River at Nijmegen, the road route over the Waalbrug (Waal Bridge) and Nijmegen railway bridge, to relieve the British 1st Airborne Division and Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade at Arnhem, 10 miles north of Nijmegen. The Allied infantry units at Arnhem were surrounded by German forces, and involved in heavy fighting for control of bridges over the Rhine.
Delays caused by hastily organised German reinforcements at Nijmegen, ultimately led to the failure of Operation Market Garden. It took the Allies longer than expected to secure a land route to Arnhem, where the British and Polish forces were forced south of the Rhine and sustained massive casualties and prisoners of war.
All medals are in near mint condition and look as if they have never been out of the box.

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Interesting WW2 Medal Pair and Queens Jubilee Medal to Woman London Ambulance Driver.

A scarce and very interesting group of the WW2 home defence medal pair, of the defence medal and the 1939/45 war medal and the 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee medal, all awarded to Mrs Constance Williams, who served with the London Ambulance service during WW2 and beyond. The medals come with various insignia including her mobile VAD cloth badge, her original Buckingham palace certificate for her Jubilee medal, which also comes in its original box. Her defence medal issue certificate and lastly, a beautiful original photograph of Constance in uniform.
Although many women served in the London Ambulance service during the war, medals or any evidence of them is now very scarce. They performed an invaluable service during the London Blitz saving over 30,000 people from the air raids. In total, 36 people working for the Ambulance Service in London lost their lives during the World War 2 and further 121 members of staff were seriously injured. Their own lives were secondary to saving the lives of the injured and wounded in the rubble of the blitz.
A wonderful little group which needs some research to bring to life this lady’s amazing history. she was obviously still serving in 1977, which would make her a very long serving member.

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QSA 3bars to Clery Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

A good Queens South Africa Medal with the Transvaal, Orange Free State and cape Colony Bars, correctly named to 3081 Private E Clery of the 9th battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corps.
The Corps was heavy involved in the Second Anglo Boer War from the outset playing a key role in the first battle at Talana Hill. Two officers from the regiment were awarded the Victoria Cross; Lieutenant Frederick H S Roberts and Lieutenant Llewelyn A E Price-Davies.
This medal comes with a copy of his medal roll which confirms the bars attached; the medal comes in excellent original condition with a good swivel suspender.
Ref. 18198

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Victorian 1880/90’s Drummer Boy’s Tunic.

A scarce Victorian Drummer boy’s tunic; it is made from scarlet Melton wool with yellow/gold piping. It has bullion embroidered collar tabs which read ‘D S D S’, and to be honest, I do not know what this stands for. This little tunic has dark blue facings which was used by the Kings own royal Lancashire regiment, the royal Warwickshire regiment, Kings Liverpool regiment, the royal Irish regiment and the Irish fusilier regiments; so a little research is needed. The buttons are later kings crown general service replacements, but there are still two of the original buttons holding the silver bullion epaulets, these are decorated with what looks like and acorn with crossed trumpets behind. The interior of the tunic is silk lined and although it has been on display in a museum for over 40 years, it is still in good condition. it has some wear especially around the collar and the tunic is little dirty, but there is no moth damage, I can see and it has now been treated against any in the future.
It measures; 26 inch chest.

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Territorial Force Efficiency Medal to RFA.

The scarcer of the Efficiency medals, this one is correctly named to 846259 Driver Samuel Thomas Deakin. Royal Field Artillery.
This medal is for most part un-researched apart from a copy of his medal index card which shows he was also entitled to a British war and victory medal pair. The medal itself is in excellent condition, with a few very light contact marks, so it may have been mounted at some point.
Ref. 18889

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Stunning Large Hallmarked Silver Knights Templar Jewel

This is a stunning piece, a large and heavy fully hallmarked gilded silver Knights Templar presentation jewel and collaret for the Staines Preceptory in Surrey. The jewel is fully hallmarked on the back for Birmingham 1939 but interestingly was not issued to the recipient until 1946/7 obviously the war interrupted their proceedings. The dedication engraved on the back reads: 'Presented to E. Kt. R. H. White in appreciation for his services to the Preceptory 1946-47'. to the front it has 'Staines Preceptory', the large star badge is attached to a Kings crown by a hinge so it can adjust to the bodies movement, this in turn is attached to a jump ring and joining this lovely enamel badge for the County of Surrey with a church and swans swimming on a river. The red and white silk ribbon has the maker sewn in for 'Spencer & Co of Great Queen St'.
Everything about the piece is in superb condition; if I have to be picky the ribbon is a little grubby. As stated a large lump of silver, the badge with crown and Surrey badge measure 4.75 inches long, the main medal being 2.25 inches of the length.
An imposing piece which will display very well.
Ref. 18731

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Rare Pair of Victorian Middlesex VB Officers Epaulets.

A rare pair of Victorian officers Epaulets pertaining to a Captain of the 7th, 8th & 9th volunteer battalion, the Middlesex regiment. they both are made of silver bullion wire with gold bullion pips. A silver regimental button with no battle honour and a little silver bullion ‘T’ to denote a territorial or volunteer regiment. the condition is excellent for their age, the bottoms are covered with scarlet wool, which show no signs of moth. Each measures 6 inches long x 1.5 inches wide.
Ref. 23310

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French Medal Pair for the Korean War

Another scarce find the French UN medal for Korea, the Croix de Guerre of the same period and the recipient’s military ID bracelet. Both medals are in very good original condition, but the ribbon is tatty on the Croix de Guerre; the bracelet is named Joseph Fargues, born 1934. Once again, no research has been done on this man and his service in the Korean War, so an interesting project awaits.
Ref. 17390

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WW1 Era Framed Suffolk Regiment Silk-Work

A beautifully handmade framed and glazed silk-work for the Suffolk regiment dating from the WW1 era, it has been very well executed with gold threads. At some stage when being framed, someone has used an old large print of Admiral Beatty on the back, it has been cut to fit the frame. The condition of the piece is excellent with just a little fading; the frame measures 17.75 inches x 16.5 and my pictures don’t really do this piece justice.
Shipping will be via courier due to weight priced at £10.95
Ref. 21101

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Victorian Silver Hat Pin Cameronian's Officers Button

This is a very elegant silver hatpin professionally made from a button off a Cameronian officers jacket from the Victorian era. The button is applied to a long pin, made for a woman to show her connections and loyalty to her husband’s regiment, comes in perfect original condition.
Ref. 18149

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