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WW2 Polish Monte Cassino Cross Group to Medic.

An interesting Polish Group comprising of the Italy Star, 1939-45 war medal, the Monte Cassino Cross, numbered 42432, the Polish Cross of Valor 1943 issue and the Polish 30 PRL Anniversary medal with miniature pin; all mounted as worn on a brooch bar with other miniature pins.
The Monte Cassino cross numbered 42432 was awarded to 1916-1-11 Private Michal Luzny of the 1st Szpital Wojenny or the Polish 1st Military Hospital.
Michal Luzny was born in 1916 and saw action in Poland and Italy during the war. This group comes with three photographs which have been taken from an album and are believed to feature Michal in uniform, probably just as a new recruit just before war broke out in 1939.
After the war, Michal resided in London and worked as a railway labourer, he married his wife in Islington in 1952. He was granted full British citizenship on the 9th July 1963 and this appeared in the London Gazette on 27th August 1963. He remained in London for the rest of his life and sadly died in 1986.
A very interesting group of medals including the Monte Cassino Cross, this original medal is now becoming very scarce and sort after. All the medals are in very good condition with just a few slight contact marks. A scarce group to a Polish medic.

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British 1864 Pattern Cavalry Sabre.

A fine example of the 1864 pattern cavalry troopers sword, it has a steel bowl guard pierced with a Maltese cross design and the grip is chequered pressed leather grip; it has a good blade which is slightly curved. It does not have a makers mark but it is impressed with several WD inspection marks etc, please see pictures. it is in good condition, its main fault is the tip of the blade is a little rounded and although there is not rusting, it does have light pitting, but it is untouched and has never been cleaned back or polished, all in all a very good example. The scabbard is missing, but it is still possible to pick one up.
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Super Rare Antique Air Pistol – the First Diana Model

This is a rare little beast, research shows two examples one in a museum collection the other for sale in this country at £450, the museum is able to provide a bit of information, this is a cast iron pistol which dates from the very earl part of the last century potentially into the Victorian era, cast into the decoration near the trigger are the initials MGR for the German company Mayer und Grammelspacher in Rastatt which is the original and correct full name for the ‘Diana’ company, the museum suggests that this could be the earliest version of the Diana pistol produced.
The good news is that it is in working condition, the compression is amazingly strong with a lot of power, the silver handle is pulled to prime the shot, the pellet is placed in the back of the barrel after unscrewing the other silver bit, the bad news is minimal, a replacement pin has been placed through the trigger mechanism, this shouts at you as its not black but that is do-able, given its age the body is in great condition, it may have been re-painted a very long time ago and some of the paint is missing in places. It measures 10 inches long.
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British 1907 Patt Bayonet Made into WW1 Trench Knife.

WW1 Trench Knife made from a 1907 pattern British Short magazine Lee Enfield Bayonet. This was done during the great war and by the look of it, it saw a lot of action. There was a shortage of close combat fighting knives for the ordinary Tommy during the first world war, so they made all sorts of unique weapons to take on trench raids, when this type of weapon was called for. They made clubs, coshes, and all kinds of trench knives from what they could lay their hands on; this one was probably made from a broken bayonet, or from one picked up in the field. It forms quite a formidable fighting knife and it has been given a clipped and rounded tip. it also still retains its cross guard and muzzle ring and the push button catch on the pommel.
Condition is hard to describe, because this is an altered bayonet, but as it stands, it is in good order and a scarce original WW1 weapon.
It measures; 13.25 inches long.
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Rare Edwardian Indian Officers Riding Crop – Queen Victoria’s Light Cavalry

The regiment that ultimately became the 33rd Queen Victoria’s Own Light Cavalry were first raised in Bombay in 1820, they saw service in the Great War and after a few name changes were active into the 1950’s. This beautifully made riding crop has a silver button for the regiment set onto the top of the handle, the shaft is made from bamboo and the handle is made from horn, around the neck of the handle is a silver (not hallmarked) collar which has the manufacturers name of Merry St James St, this was Merry & co of James Street London, although the crop is very Victorian in its design I think it dates from the Edwardian period, it comes in super condition with only light wear and measures 26 inches long.

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Scarce Inter War 16th Queens Lancers –Royal Irish Lancers Riding Whip

The 16th The Queen's Lancers was a cavalry regiment of the British Army, first raised in 1759. It saw service for two centuries, before being amalgamated with the 5th Royal Irish Lancers to form the 16th/5th Lancers) in 1922.
This officers riding whip has a white metal top to the handle and it displays the badges for both the 16th and the Irish Lancers so date wise it must be 1922 onwards, it comes in good but used condition and measures 33.5 inches long.

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British SA80 Knife Bayonet.

Standard British issue bayonet made for the SA80 assault rifle. This one has been issued and used but still remains in good condition. No scabbard, but these are easy and very cheap to replace.
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Scarce WW1 German Ink Pot Rifle Grenade.

Used with the G98 Rifle by the Germans during the Great War, was fitted with a rod through the centre for firing. Comes in good but pitted condition, can be taken apart and stands 3 inches high.
Ref. 20662

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Pair WW1 Dog Tags Etc to; Cottis Notts & Derby POW Guard

These pair of WW1 identity dog tags and other items belonged to 203384 William Walter Cottis of the Notts & Derby Regiment, he served first with the 1st 5th battalion before joining the 195th POW section in late 1918, these POW companies over saw prisoners who were used in labour works.
Included are his dog tags, a Notts & Derby cap badge, medal ribbon bar, photograph and some copy paperwork.

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Vintage Norwegian Sailors Knife.

A good vintage knife, the blade from quality steel and this has been stamped with maker marks. The grip is made of a light coloured wood, probably beech and has painted decoration near the pommel. It comes in its original hard sheath, which has matching painted decoration to the front and a leather belt loop to the back.
It comes in very good original condition, the sheath is a little dirty, through use, but is in good order.
It measures; 11 inches long.
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