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WW1 Medal Trio to 2nd Lieut-Captain Platts Suffolk Reg Killed Somme 1916.

A 1914/15 Star, British War and Victory Medal trio correctly named to 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Leslie Platts of the 2nd battalion Suffolk Regiment. Arthur Platts was born on 14th July 1891 and before the War he was a scholar at Cambridge University and a serving officer cadet at the Oundle School OTC, he graduated from college in 1913. He enlisted into the Suffolk regiment, on September 9th 1914, first in the 3rd battalion and then he was transferred to the 2nd battalion just before going overseas to France. The 2nd Suffolks formed part of the 8th Brigade, 3rd Division and in the October of 1915 they were transferred to the 76th brigade but remaining with the 3rd division. During 1915 Platts saw action at Ypres, but after this he was sent back to England to work with the Munitions department. This was possibly due to his education and university degree which may have been in chemistry or physics. With the expectation of a spring offensive in 1916, Platts’ was sent back to France in the May of that year, he re-joined his regiment near the Somme. The battalion war diary states that Platts along with another officer and men of his company, were instructed to take out a machine gun emplacement that was being troublesome near Delville Wood when he was killed. Captain E. D. C. Hune wrote to his family after his death and this is what the letter said; “Lieutenant Platts was in charge of the company. All had gone well with the company, but owing to other complications being held up, his one had to withdraw and dig in.
As far as I can ascertain, he was killed in the following gallant manner. He had heard a wounded comrade who was lying in a shell hole cry for help, and he at once went to his assistance, but the Germans were already on the lookout and wounded Platts in the thigh, just as he got to his man.
Another officer at once went to Platts’ assistance and reached the shell hole safely.
Platts raised himself onto one shoulder to enable this officer to dress his wound and this gave the enemy another opportunity and Platts was hit in the head. I was slightly wounded by a piece of shrapnel on Wednesday afternoon and was not allowed to go into action in consequence.
That is why Lieutenant Platts was in command of my company. He has been invaluable to me during the short time I have known him.
He also had command of a company in June when I was attached to the staff. Please accept my deep sympathy in your great sorrow, and write at once if I can be of any further help to you.”
Another fellow officer also wrote that Platts was “one of the best fellows who ever lived. I always knew that whatever job had to be done at the front, I could rely on your boy to do it, and do it well, no matter how nasty the job might be.”
Captain Arthur Leslie Platts died on the 20th July 1916. His body was left in that shell hole and after a heavy bombardment of the area, his body was never recovered. He is now remembered with honour at the Thiepval Memorial, Somme France. Cambridge University Memorial, Oundle School Memorial, at Gainsborough Grammar School and the Kinston Upon Thames War Memorial.
So many young officers came straight from University after just completing their degrees. I know so many advancements are made during wars, but how many more could have been made if the brightest lights of that generation weren’t snuffed out by war. The sacrifice they made was so much more than just another life.
All three medals are in excellent original condition, there is mention on his medal index card that the medals were applied for in 1921. The naming on the star looks to be slightly later, so this may be the later issue. The medals come with copies of service papers, mic, and various school articles on Arthur Platts heroism on the battlefield, which contain photographs of him in uniform. It also comes with a copy of the battalion war diary on CD Rom in PDF format, which covers the time Platts served in the battalion. Quite an important little group to the Suffolk Regiment. In my opinion, he should have been awarded the MC for his excellent service and gallantry on the Somme, trying to save a member of his company while under heavy fire.

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Victorian Artillery Volunteer Officers Sword by Gardiner & Co

A good 1827 pattern Victorian British Artillery officers sword; it has a basket type hilt with a ray skin grip bound with silver wire. The ray skin grip is all there, no rips or tears in the skin and the silver wire is undamaged. The guard is also in very good order with just a few small areas of light rust bloom, this is easily polished away.
It has a good long straight steel blade, which is nicely etched with an Artillery field gun, ‘Artillery Volunteers’ a flaming bomb and panels of scrolls. It has the brass proof button on one side and other the maker’s details of; Gardener & Co High Street Whitechapel. The blade is beautiful, clan with no a hint of rust. The etching is as new and it looks as if it has never been out of its metal scabbard. The scabbard is in very good condition with some areas of wear to the nickel finish. all in all a terrific example of this type of sword, slightly scarcer to Artillery Volunteers and by a respected maker too.
It measures 39.5 inches long in scabbard.

Please Note. Due to recent issues with certain courier delivery companies I am changing my pricing policy for the shipping of large edged and replica weapons , they will be sent within the UK only via UPS or Parcelforce; there will be a minimum charge of £12.95, this is the only way I can insure that your purchase reaches you safely and quickly.

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19th Century Box Lock Pocket Pistol.

A great little Box Lock pocket percussion pistol with turn off barrel and a good little walnut slab grip. Overall it is in good condition, the lock needs some attention as it does not lock properly, so it is probably a little worn inside, it is what it is. A very attractive little display piece to grace any cabinet.
It measures 7 inches long.
Shipping to UK only

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Superb WW2 Medals & Items to Bachelor ATS.

A wonderful lot to one woman all mounted on serge and on board, done probably in the late 1940’s early 1950’s. It all relates to W12134 Pte R Bachelor of the ATS. It comprises of formation cloth badges still attached to uniform cloth backing. This is for the 2nd Signals ATS Northern Command. An Anti-Aircraft Command cloth shoulder badge, used from 1943 onwards. 6 years’ service chevrons, a coiled ATS lanyard, a hand written ATS travel permit from GHQ Home Forces Signals to No 7 London District Group, named to Bachelor. A small photo of Bachelor driving a military Lorry, a WW2 medal pair of the 1939 War and Defence medal. a Military Permit to admit one to Central Ordnance Depot, named to Bachelor. And her original dog tag.
I have always intended to research this lady, but never got around to doing it. I think this woman is very interesting. She obviously served all through the war in the ATS attached to the RE signals and the Ordnance department and an AA battalion. She could drive a large lorry and she was clearly in a position of great trust, to be sent on special assignments.
If we take into account what is actually mounted on this board, there is great value here, with all the original insignia and small items of ephemera.
This board was probably at some time mounted in a frame, possibly by Private Bachelor herself. There is a great research project here; it will not be long before WW2 service records will be in the public domain.
All the items are original WW2 issue and come in very good but used condition.

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French 1886 Pattern Label Bayonet.
Always interesting, the Label bayonet was made to replace the Grass bayonet and to fit the 1886 Lebel Infantry Rifle and saw action in WWI and WWII in various forms. It has a long cruciform blade and a solid nickel grip and a hooked, blade breaker quillon. This bayonet is in lovely clean condition, the blade is free from any rust or pitting. The ricasso as it is and the quillon has various proof and arsenal markings (please see pictures) and the scabbard, which is also in very good original condition, has numbers stamped on the frog loop.
A very good example of this type of bayonet used during the Great War, they are hard to find in this condition these days.
It measures; just over 25.5 inches long.

Proof of age required on purchase.
For sale to UK mainland only.
Shipping will be by UPS at £12.95

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Edward VII Volunteer Officers Decoration & Photograph.

A beautiful medal, awarded for 20 years commissioned service in the Volunteer Force. The medal is solid silver overlaid with gilt and only 4,710 medals were awarded in total. This one is hallmarked for London 1904 with the maker’s mark of SG for S Garrard of Haymarket London.
I found this medal about 20 years ago in a house clearance with the photograph, unfortunately, neither are named. The photograph is of a Royal Artillery volunteer officer in his home service uniform proudly wearing the medal. I really can’t split them up even though I have never been able to put a name to the face.
The medal is in wonderful original condition suspended on its original ribbon and on a sterling silver brooch bar. It has lost a little of its gilt wash, but there is no loss or wear to the fine detail of the medal.
The photograph comes in its original glass sealed mount and has the framers label on the back, from Derby. This is also in excellent condition and both together make a superb cabinet display.
The picture measures 9.5 x 12 inches.

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WW2 Group 4 & Ephemera to Dolphin Grenadier Guards Casualty.

A WW2 casualty group comprising of the 1939-45 star, the Africa star, the Italy star and the 1939-45 war medal; all awarded to 2617911 Guardsman John Dolphin of the 5th Battalion Grenadier Guards. This lot also comes with various ephemera including of letters home from John while on active service, addressed to his home in Yorkshire, original commonwealth war graves letters, an Airgraph from the Reverend D. J. Browning CMF to John’s father explaining how he died, and a photo of John and other personal items, please see pictures. It all comes as it was found in an old cigar box.
Guardsman Dolphin saw action in north Africa at the battles in the Medjez-El-Bab and along the Mareth Line, and in in Italy. On 3 September 1943 the Allies invaded the Italian mainland, the invasion coinciding with an armistice made with the Italians who then re-entered the war on the Allied side. Progress through southern Italy was rapid despite stiff resistance, but by the end of October, the Allies were facing the German winter defensive position known as the Gustav Line, which stretched from the river Garigliano in the west to the Sangro in the east. Initial attempts to breach the western end of the line were unsuccessful. Operations in January 1944 landed troops behind the German lines at Anzio, but defences were well organised, and a breakthrough was not actually achieved until May. John Dolphin was killed on the 25th January 1944 at the age of 23. He is now remembered with honour at the Anzio War Cemetery, Italy.

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Heavy Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box - 1930's RAF
This excellent quality silver box has hallmarks to the side and lid, unfortunately due to cleaning these have been flattened, you can make out the lion passant and the lion head for London and also the makers mark which could be FK or FH but not the date letter. To the front is the silver and enamel badge for the RAF and on the lid the initials of E.H. The box comes in really good condition with only one ding that I can find, the inside is lined with wood and is all round top quality, it measures 4.75 inches long.

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French 1874 Pattern Gras Bayonet – Matching Numbers.
A wonderful example of this 19th century French bayonet which was originally made for the French Model 1874 Gras Infantry Rifle, manufactured from 1874 to about 1885
It has a solid brass pommel with push-button latching mechanism. the grips are wood and the cross guard is steel with a muzzle ring and hooked quillon, which is numbered 51164 and stamped with proof marks. This is all in very good condition, the brass parts are toned and the grips show some wear but have a good untouched patina.
The blade is steel and triangular, with two edges and a broad spine. The spine is clearly engraved with the arsenal, ‘Mre d' Armes de Chat Mai 1882’. The blade is beautiful, clean and free from any rust or pitting. There is some light wear, where it has been pulled from the scabbard countless times.
The scabbard is basically a rolled steel tube with a ball finial, this still has around 98% of its original bluing still remaining. It is stamped with 51164 on the back of the frog loop.
All in all a top grade bayonet which is untouched from any restoration.
It measures; 26 inches long.

Proof of age required on purchase.
For sale to UK mainland only.

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Unusual North African Dagger with Niello Décor Blade.

A funny little dagger, which took a lot of work to make. It has a shaped wood grip and a good steel blade; this is completely covered with Niello decoration, which is done by acid etching the ground, so the decoration is in negative, then filling in the etched parts with black lacquer, all by hand. A complex process which takes quite a lot of time and skill and this blade is covered on both sides. This fits into a simple two-part scabbard which is held together with three bands of white metal. The condition is very good, no damage and it measures 10.5 inches long.

Proof of age required on purchase.
For sale to UK mainland only.

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