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WW1 & WW2 Medals & Insignia to; Lieut Dawe RGA & Civil Defence.

A superb group of medal and effects all belonging to Lieutenant Thomas Dawe of the Hampshire Territorial Royal Garrison Artillery, Wessex Brigade. It comprises of the WW1 British War and Victory medal pair correctly named to Lieutenant T Daw. Both medal come in mint condition and in their box of issue, which they have never been out of. Both boxes are named to Lieut T Daw. Also included is a nice portrait photograph of Thomas in uniform.
WW2 Defence medal in box of issue with issue slip, box named to Mr T Dawe. 25 Park View Gardens, Hendon, London. Various WW2 Civil Defence and ARP badges and insignia for the Hampstead Area. Here is some quite rare original insignia, including cloth badges for Control and Intelligence & Operations, so it looks like Thomas held and important position during the Second World War with the civil defence. There is also a group of press photographs showing cadets a large artillery gun. These date around the WW2 era and Thomas is in one of the pictures in overalls.
Apart from a copy of his medal index card and medal roll, no other research has been done on this man, I believe this man has a very interesting service history, especially during WW2 when he was chief warden with the civil defence and served with control and Intelligence and operations.
As already mentioned all the medals are in mint never worn, never polished condition and come in all of their boxes of issue. the insignia is used and worn and have evidence they have been taken off a uniform.
A very interesting lot in need of research.

Code: 23723Price: 175.00 GBP

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WW1 Military Issue Kukri Dated 1917.

A wonderful WW1 issue Kukri, it has a wood and brass grip with a plain brass pommel; it has a superb steel blade which is in perfect order. The blade has various markings including the date of 1917. It has a brown leather field scabbard, which is also in very good condition, with a few odd marks and scrapes, but nothing bad and it has a brass chape at the bottom. Over the top is a heavy brown leather frog with two belt loops. The loops have been replaced at some point, properly done sewn and spliced in to the old, obviously broken straps. A really lovely example of this wartime kukri and in such good order.
It measures; 20 inches long.
Ship to UK Only
Proof of age required on purchase.

Code: 23722Price: 145.00 GBP

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Scarce WW2 German POW Camp ID Disc.

A rare Identity disc worn by British Captured German Prisoners of War during WW2. The discs are typically German, made of a Mazak type metal and stamped with the prisoners number () and the camp number, (344) these are now totally researchable.
This id tag was issued to 7265540 Private F. H. Wannell of the Royal Army Medical Corps. He was a prisoner of Stalag 344 located in Lambinowice, Poland.
This camp was famous for ‘the long march’ or death march. In January 1945, as the Soviet armies resumed their offensive and advanced into Germany, many of the prisoners were marched westward in groups of 200 to 300 in the so-called Long March. Many of them died from the bitter cold and exhaustion. The lucky ones got far enough to the west to be liberated by the American or British armies. The unlucky ones were 'liberated' by the Soviets, who instead of turning them over quickly to the western allies, held them as virtual hostages for several more months, until the British agreed to release to the Soviet Union POWs of Soviet origin who had been fighting on the German side, which left the British Government with little choice on the matter, even though they were understandable reluctant to hand these men over to the Soviet Union for their inevitable execution. These soldiers from states such as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for example, had fought with the Germans in an effort, as they saw it, to release their own homelands from Soviet occupation and oppression.
Many of the allied POWs held by the Soviets were finally repatriated towards the end of 1945 though the port of Odessa on the Black Sea.
This disc or tag is in one piece and in good condition and all the details are still readable.

Code: 23721Price: 38.00 GBP

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19th Century German Hunting Knife.

Post 1891 German hunting knife. It has a very good double edge steel blade terminating with a small brass cross guard, silver ferule and a stag horn grip, which has a white metal pommel, this tests at around .830 grade silver. The blade is etched; Solingen Germany. It comes in very good condition, no real damage, but if I had to be picky, I would point out the light staining to the blade. the blade still holds a sharp edge and point, so caution when handling this piece.
It comes with a later handmade leather sheath with integral belt loop.
The knife measures 10 inches long.
Ship to UK Only
Proof of age required on purchase.

Code: 23720Price: 55.00 GBP

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WW2 Era Full Size Naval Union Jack.

A sewn lining Union Jack measuring 9 feet x 4.5 feet and believed to have come from HMS Warsprite. The original owner said it was taken down when the ship was attacked in the Mediterranean and never reused. It came to him from his father who was on the Warsprite and told him the story. Obviously there is no proof of this and this is just hear-say, but just a nice story to be retold. I am pricing this massive flag as just a naval size flag and not really putting any store on the history. It comes in very good condition, you can see it has been used in the past and it has a rope hoist and wooden toggle. There is a couple of small holes in the material, but the overall condition of the material and stitching is very sound. A lovely old flag that would make a stunning backdrop to a collection.

Code: 23719Price: 75.00 GBP

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1916 Battle of Jutland Memorial Medallion by Spink.

The largest example of this medallion in white metal, produced by Spink & Sons after the battle of Jutland 31st May 1916.
It was designed by the Marquis of Milford Haven and sold for the benefit of Naval Orphans; it was struck immediately after the battle had been fought and before it had received its official title. Issued in gold, silver, bronze and white metal and in three different sizes.
The obverse has crossed flags divided by a trident on which hangs a shield showing the date of the battle. Around the rim reads; ‘To The . Glorious Memory Of Those Who Fell That Day’.
The reverse has a large inscription surrounded by a wreath, this reads; ‘May 31, 1916 The German Fleet Attacked off the Coast of Jutland and Driven Back Into Port With Heavy Loss. Admiral Sir John Jellicoe Commander In Chief. Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty Commanding Battle Cruisier Fleet’.
This medallion is in good original condition with a few light edge knocks, which is common on this white metal version.
It measures two inches in diameter.

Code: 23718Price: 26.00 GBP

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Quality Vintage Air Crew Europe Star Replica.

This is a nice old aged and toned copy of the Air Crew Europe star, the most desirable of all the WW2 campaign stars, originals now selling for up to £350 each. Although this is an early copy or replacement it still comes in very good condition.

Code: 23717Price:

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Vintage Norwegian Sailors Knife.

An old Norwegian sailors knife; it has what looks like a Beech wood grip which has naive carving at the top. the steel blade looks very old, heavily toned with some pitting and an edge that hasn’t been sharpened for years. The sheath doesn’t really match the age of the knife, it is leather and decorated with black ink with geometric patterns and a deer at the top. the back of the sheath holds the belt loop, which is riveted on. The sheath fits the knife well, but I think the knife is much older than the sheath and probably dates to the latter part of the 19th century. All in all a nice little collectors piece. It measures 11 inches long.
Ship to UK Only
Proof of age required on purchase.

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Inter War Suffolk Regiment Sterling Silver Sports Medal.

An attractive 2nd battalion the Suffolk regiment sports medal, in tested sterling silver. One side shows a cross-country runner leading the pack, and on the other side the regimental emblem of the Suffolk regiment. What is interesting about this medal is, there is no where to engrave any winners details, so the winner has had his service number stamped below the castle, of the regiments emblem. So this little piece is probably researchable as well as being a nice piece of Suffolk regiment history. It is in very good condition and is of a good heavy gauge of silver, measuring 1.25 inches in diameter.

Code: 23715Price: 12.00 GBP

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Super WW1 & WW2 Order of St John Miniature Medal Group.

A wonderful original miniature medal group of five, comprising of the order of St John of of Jerusalem Knights Breast Star, WW1 British War Medal in sterling silver, the WW1 Victory Medal in gilt brass, the WW2 Defence Medal in sterling silver and the St Johns Ambulance service medal in silver plate. All five medals are original contemporary issues and come in excellent condition; they are mounted on a miniature bar and reside in their original black velvet and white silk lined case, for safe keeping. Each medal a very good example of its type.

Code: 23714Price:

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