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Edwardian Brass Desk Lamp.

A super original Edwardian electric desk lamp, it is made brass with a metal shade, it has a solid brass wing nut near the base so it can be tilted to any position. It comes in totally untouched condition, so it needs a little restoration, nothing much, the shade could do with a repaint, the brass needs a polish and most importantly, if intended for use, this needs to be completely rewired by a competent electrician. I have left the old cloth covered wire on, but this in no way complies to current safety regs. This is being sold as a historic collectable and is in no way suitable for use as it is. A really beautiful and rare thing to find and it would look fantastic on a surface. it measures 16 inches high.
A heavy item so shipping will be £9.95

Code: 26546Price: 95.00 GBP

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Victorian Silver English Lever Pocket Watch.

A good Victorian key wind Silver cased pocket watch, the silver case has a wonderful set hallmarks for Chester 1899 and made by T. P Hewitt. It has an English lever movement made by the Lancashire Watch Company. This was a terrific firm of watch makers working from 1889 in Prescot, Lancashire. Their reputation for watchmaking was second to none and they made quality watches for mainly the British market. Due to the vast amount of Swiss watches being imported, the firm just couldn’t compete and closed in 1911. They remain one of watch collectors favourites. This watch has a white enamelled dial with Roman numerals and a second dial with Arabic numerals and was originally retailed by J. G. Graves of Sheffield.
It comes in wonderful condition, it has just been cleaned and serviced. The case is good just showing slight wear to the back. The dial is also good, it has a very faint hairline crack from 11 towards the centre. I can only see this with a magnifying glass and I have taken a close up picture. The watch movement has a decorative cock and a plain gilt metal cock cover and it comes with its original key.
A lovely old Northern watch in wonderful working order. it measures 2 inches in diameter.

Code: 26545Price: 85.00 GBP

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Scratch Built Victorian Hardware Waggon.

This is such a delightful piece all scratch built by a man who spent his retirement in the 1960’s and 70’s making miniature scale models of early vehicles. This is a scale model of a Hardware waggon, all crafted in wood and coach painted. This waggon is full of all made articles, oil cans, buckets, pans, brooms, dustpans etc and in the back is a large oil tank, for lamp or heating oil. Also the back is racked out and full of buckets and pans. Please see pictures for all the charming detail to this piece.
Also included with is waggon is a portfolio of photographs showing all of his other work, some amazing pieces, which he won several awards.
The waggon also comes with a fully harnessed china horse and the whole thing comes in perfect condition. The waggon with horse attached measures 20 inches long. The waggon box measures 10 x 6 inches and it stands at 10 inches high.
Not a heavy piece but large so shipping will be £9.95

Code: 26544Price:

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19th Century Tirolian Meacham Pipe.

A Late 19th century Tirolian pipe out of Meacham or Sepiolite, which is a soft white clay like material which is sometimes found floating on the Black Sea, hence its name ‘Meacham’ meaning sea foam.
This pie is beautifully carved with a horse running through a village, the base of the large bowl is carved with a wave of scrolls, also the date of 1809. The stem is mostly wood covered with mother of pearl with copper fittings and a horn mouthpiece. The bowl cap is made of brass with a stamp of XL, which I think just means extra larg.
Back to the date of 1809. I do not think this is the date of manufacture but the date of the Tyrolean Rebellion of 1809. This was a rebellion of peasants in the County of Tyrol led by Andreas Hofer against the occupation of their homeland by the French and Bavarian troops during the Napoleonic wars.
This pipe is in beautiful condition no cracks or chips to the bowl and the bowl is a wonderful amber colour. The metal parts have some wear but no damage and its only fault as far as I can see is; at the bottom of the stem, this is removable so the pipe will fit into a pocket. What holds the stem in place is a cork surround, this has obviously shrunken and broken down over the years and has been wrapped with sellotape at some point. a beautiful used pipe in just splendid condition, measuring 8.5 inches from tip of mouthpiece to base of bow.

Code: 26543Price: 75.00 GBP

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Ancient Romano British Silver Ring.

A scarce find, this ancient Roman silver rings dates from around the 3rd century BC. It is made of nearly pure silver and is a typical style for the time. Sometimes you find the centre button engraved, depending what they are engraved with, they can make thousands of pounds; this one is blank and it looks like it has never been engraved.
During the 3rd century BC in Britain, Saxons were raiding the southeast coast forts built at Reculver and Branodunum (Brancaster). The re-building of forts near Hadrian's Wall begins due to the increasing aggression of the northern tribes. The first mention on record of the Picts attacking from the north in Eumenius' Panegyrici Latini and Mausaeus Carausius takes power in Britain and proclaims himself Emperor.
This ring for its age is in remarkable condition, with a lovely patination, there is one tiny area on the shank which has been cleaned, I had to do this to test it for silver grade.

Code: 26542Price: 65.00 GBP

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Edwardian Large Brass Ink Stand.

A large and heavy brass ink stand with a lovely cut glass ink well. The brass stand is of stepped designs with placings for four pens. On top stands a beautiful hand cut glass ink well with a white metal lid. The whole piece is in excellent condition with no damage. it stands 4.5 inches high x 6.5 x 6.5 inches at the base.

Code: 26541Price: 45.00 GBP

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Fine Victorian Silver Plated Tray Dedicated 1878.

A very fine quality Silver plated tray with a beautifully engraved middle and solid silver cartouche to the centre which reads; Presented To Miss Bonny. By the Winchester Church Choir. On the Occasion of Her Marriage. July 1878.
It is in wonderful condition with very little loss to the original silver plate. The centre cartouche, being solid silver is a little rubbed, but still readable. It measures 12 inches in diameter.

Code: 26540Price: 28.00 GBP

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Victorian Crown 1890 Jubilee Head.

A very collectable, high grade, milled silver Crown of Queen Victoria, dated 1890 in about fine condition. This silver Crown, on the obverse features Queen Victoria's Jubilee head, her bust facing left. The reverse shows the iconic image of St George slaying the Dragon, designed by Benedetto Pistrucci.
It has one tiny knock to rim and grade, fine. Please see pictures.

Code: 26539Price: 35.00 GBP

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Late Victorian Swiss Silver Pocket Watch.

A very pretty pocket or fob watch from the late Victorian period. It has a 9.35 grade silver case, beautifully engraved and a white enamel dial with Roman numerals. The watch case and dial comes in perfect condition; it has a Swiss movement which comes as found. It is working and keeps good time, but the winder is a bit clunky so it needs to be cleaned and serviced. A superb little watch that just needs a little attention. It measures 1.5 inches in diameter.

Code: 26538Price: 35.00 GBP

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George III Silver & Mother Of Pearl Fruit Knife.

A very fine Georgian fruit knife; it has silver tips with Mother of Pearl scales and the blade is sterling silver with a bright cut edge, hallmarked with the George duty mark and the lion passant mark for sterling silver. It is not unusual for small articles to be hallmarked in this manner during the latter part of the 18th century.
The condition is very good for a piece of this age, however there is a small crack in the mother of pearl were a rivet hold the layers together. A lovely Georgian piece, measuring 3.25 inches long when closed and 5.75 inches long when opened.

Code: 26537Price: 32.00 GBP

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