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An Interesting Collection of Militaria to include; Weapons, WW1 & WW2 Medals & Groups, Ephemera, Badges, WW1 & WW2 German Militaria, plus loads of other eclectic objects and curios.
Listing Starts at 7.30pm, come along for a look.
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Superb Hallmarked Silver Pocket Watch.

A silver verge style silver pocket watch, with an English lever movement by J Rowlett & Co of Kings Lynn, Norfolk. It is clearly hallmarked for London 1926. It has a plain dial with roman numerals and a second hand and dial. Typically of this period, it has a Perspex crystal, this has started to yellow slightly.
It is a key wind from under the back cover and the hands are changed by moving them with the key from the front. It has just come back from being cleaned and serviced, so it is running very well and keeping good time.
This is a really nice watch, you don’t find many English lever movements at this date, most watch makers were buying in Swiss movements by this time, this shows the high quality of this watch.
The case is also in very good condition, it shows a little wear to the back of the case, probably where it has sat in someone’s pocket pocket for years. It comes with its original Key.

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Vintage Hallmarked Silver Celtic Design Bangle

This is a really pretty, heavy hallmarked silver bangle with pronounced Celtic design to one side, it has two sets of hallmarks on the inside both are indistinct but I can see that it is a Birmingham mark with a date letter that makes it 1966 in origin. Comes in super condition and fitted with a safety chain, would fit a medium to large sized wrist.

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Very Pretty Hallmarked Silver Cameo Brooch – Chester 1921

This very well carved cameo has been mounted in a hallmarked silver frame, it is clearly marked for Chester 1921 and has the makers mark for Ward Brothers. It has the original pin on the back and a hanging loop so it can be worn as a pendant, comes in super condition with no chips or cracks to the cameo and measures 1.75 inches long.

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Georgian Carved Nut Vinaigrette.

An early 19th Century beautifully carved Coquilla Nut vinaigrette / scent bottle in the form of a lidded ern. The tiny little lid unscrews and inside there is cotton wadding to hold the scent. It stands on its own, but it was most likely to be kept in a lady’s purse. A lovely little cabinet piece in excellent condition from the Georgian period.

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Victorian Enamelled Jubilee Shilling.

A very nicely enamelled silver shilling dated 1897, Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The obverse shows Victoria with the Jubilee crown, while the reverse, the royal crest is enamelled. It comes in very good condition, a tiny amount of loss to the enamel at 12 o clock.

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Unusual Victorian/Edwardian Football Watch Fob

Worn by a gentleman on his watch chain this fob is very unusual as it has a football on the end, made from a white metal with rose gold coloured metal highlights the central section is flexible chain with the addition of star shapes on one side. It comes in good condition but shows signs of wear in places, it measures 5 inches long.

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Pretty Victorian Brass Double Sided Vesta Case & Stamp Holder

Ever inventive the Victorians, here we have a double sided brass vesta case and stamp holder designed as a book and worn most likely on a fob watch chain or by a lady on a chatelaine, the vesta side has a tight hinged lid with the match striker along side, the stamp holder side is divided into two to hold different values of stamps, this lid is fixed but loose. Comes in very good condition, just a couple of marks to the metal on the front.

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Victorian Compass Silver Watch Fob.

A superb little pocket watch fob, a small working compass bound by silver rope chain and suspended by a ‘T’ bar. The compass tests as .925 sterling silver but is not marked. The ‘T’ bar and chain is also not marked but this is just silver plated. The compass is in good working condition with no damage, the chain and bar are in good order, although the jump rings are not fixed. It measures just under 3 inches long.

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Antique Chinese Combination Lock.

A Chinese solid bronze combination lock, to open just move the cylindrical characters around the barrel, when the correct four symbols match up the centre pulls out. It is mounted on a board for display, luckily the combination is written on the bottom and it does work, quite clever. It comes in lovely condition, an interesting piece of object-de-art.

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Victorian/Edwardian Set of Magic Lantern Slides – Robinson Crusoe

This set of 8 slides are in the best condition and are as vibrant as the day they were produced, they tell the tale of Robinson Crusoe and man Friday and come from the Junior Lectures Series, complete in their box with a note on the story to be read in conjunction with the slides. The slides measure 3.25 inches square.

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