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Superb Edwardian Bronze Theatre Cigar Lighter / Lamp.

A wonderful solid bronze of a young woman holding a lyre. This was originally a gas cigar lighter; it would have stood on the bar in a theatre or music hall. The gas would have passed through to a burner at the top and it would have been alight constantly, so any gentleman could light a cigar. There may have been a pair at each end of the bar. These were quite a common sight in the late Victorian / Edwardian period. In pubs of the time, they had more jokey subjects, such as Mr Punch, clowns or dogs etc and these were usually made of brass or cast iron, so this one has come from a very high class establishment.
After gas lighting when out of fashion and electricity came in, these things were taken out and very few exist today; this one has been converted into a lamp, probably in the 1930s. It comes with a 1930s silk lamp shade, which does not do it any justice, to be honest; this one would look fantastic with a coloured glass shade, if you still want to use it as a lamp. Also this must be rewired by a professional electrician, as it still has its old wire and fittings attached, which do not pass modern electrical standards.
This is a beautiful and very rare piece, I have never seen another apart from one on the antiques road show many years ago. As it is solid bronze and it stands on a black marble base it is quite heavy, so shipping will be 8.95 to the UK.
It measures; 12.5 inches long x 7.5 inches high.

Code: 25099Price: 145.00 GBP

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Silver Roman Coin Gallienus, August 260 A.D.

A silver Roman coin of Gallienus, the obverse has the emperor bust and the reverse the emperor with standard. It is in nice clear condition and measures just under one inch in diameter.
Gallienus was co-emperor with his father Valerian from 253, then ruled alone after his father's capture by Parthia in 260. Ruling during the Crisis of the Third Century that nearly caused the collapse of the empire, he repelled wave after wave of barbarian invaders, but he was unable to prevent the secession of important provinces. Gallienus presided over a late flowering of Roman culture, patronizing poets, artists, and philosophers. He was assassinated by his own soldiers in 268 while besieging Milan.

Code: 25098Price:

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Stunning Hallmarked Victorian Silver Ancient Order of Foresters Badge

This is a beautiful piece, it is a fully hallmarked large sized silver badge for the Ancient Order of Foresters, it is marked on the front for Sheffield 1892 and having the makers mark for William Charles Eaton of Sheffield. To the centre surrounded by a wreath of acorns surmounted by a hunting horn, it comes in superb condition just needing a clean and measures 3.5 inches in diameter.

Code: 25097Price: 45.00 GBP

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Victorian Florin Gothic Head 1853.

A good collectable grade Victorian Gothic Head Florin. It is a little worn but almost of the detail can be seen, especially on the reverse.

Code: 25096Price:

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Vintage Straw Filled Teddy Bear.

An old teddy bear with yellow coloured plush fur. It has material pads and is either straw or saw dust filled, as the filling is hard and crunchy. It probably dates from the 1950s / 60s I would think. He comes in very good condition and still has both original eyes a black embroidered nose and a distinctive red mouth. There is no moth damage and no rips or tears, he or she has been well looked after, although he has been played with. Our bear stands 13.5 inches high.

Code: 25095Price: 25.00 GBP

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Superb Set of Six Antique German Hand Blown Hock Glasses

Nice to find a full set of six of these antique German hock glasses, dating from around 1900, they have been hand blown and include a hollow stem with three prunts, the darker glass on the foot would have been applied when molten and the control and skill needed was considerable. They come in excellent condition with no chips, as they are hand blown there are very slight differences in the form and colour, they measure 5.25 inches high.

Code: 25094Price: 35.00 GBP

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Dated 1930 Original General Post Office Shako

This lovely original post office delivery mans shako is date stamped inside with G.P.O. 1930 with the broad arrow mark in between, it has a brass GPO badge to the front and comes in really good condition for its age, it shows signs of age and use and would fit a medium size head.

Code: 25093Price:

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Very Good Vintage British Rail Multi Glass Lamp

A great lamp marked on a side with B.R circa late 1940's. It is black bodies and has a blue and red glass reflector, the front opens on a clip and it looks like the top will come off but is very stiff, you can see a burner through the glass but Im not sure what else is in the body. It comes in good but used condition and stands 11.5 inches high.

Code: 25092Price: 25.00 GBP

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Hornby O Gauge Railway Engine

Late 1940's to early 1950's Hornby tin plate O gauge railway engine, British Railways No3 engine 82011. This one has had the clockwork mechanism dismantled, probably for cleaning but never replaced. It, I am told is all there including the spring and key, all the relevant cogs are still attached inside the engine. The engine itself is in lovely condition and also comes with some track. A great simple little project for the railway buff.

Code: 25091Price: 35.00 GBP

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Hornby O Gauge Railway Lumber Wagon.

1950's Hornby tin plate O gauge railway Lumber wagon, to take logs or sawn lumber, it was up to the child to collect piles of twigs to go on the wagon. This one comes in near mint condition, it has both original chains to hold down the lumber, these have gone black with age, but not rusty. The paint is good and the wagon is complete. It measures; 5.25 x 2 inches.

Code: 25090Price: 18.00 GBP

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