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Antique French Brass Carriage Clock – R&Co Paris – Spares or Repair

A pretty and heavy antique all brass carriage clock made by R&Co of Paris and retailed by Cecil Roy of Gloucester Road S.W, it comes with a key, it will wind and run for a very short time, I’m thinking it may just need a clean and service but am selling it as a spares or repair example. It stands 4.25 inches high without the handle upright.

Code: 27704


Super Quality Hallmarked Silver Dish Sheffield 1922 – Top Maker

This heavy hallmarked silver dish was made by the highly respected Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Regent Street London, it carries a full set of hallmarks for Sheffield 1922 and the appropriate makers mark, made from heavy gauge silver it weighs in over 4 ounces and has a scrap value of £71, it comes in good condition but has some edge knocks on one rim, it measures 5.25 inches square.

Code: 27703

65.00 GBP

Very Good Quality Vintage Solid Brass & Green Enamel Bankers Lamp

This solid brass heavy bankers lamp has a green enamelled adjustable hood with all brass fittings, the cable has been cut so will require re-wiring and could do with a polish, the enamel is clean and free from damage. A good solid and heavy piece standing 18 inches high.

Code: 27702


Antique Large Black Finish Colour Light Change Railway Lamp

Here is a large sized blackened metal railway lamp, it has an inner blue glass slide to change the colour of the lamp from a white light to a blue. It does not appear to be maker marked and has lots of levers and moving parts. It comes in good but aged condition, lacking its burner and would benefit from a refurb, it stands 15 inches high with the handle up.

Code: 27701

38.00 GBP

WW1 Era 9ct Gold Outer - Double Sided Locket

This pretty little double sided locket is marked on the back ‘9ct front and back’ basically not all gold but has a casing of 9ct to the front and back. Inside it has a small photo of a WW1 soldier, measuring one inch long not including the jump ring, it comes in very good condition, the hinge and catch work perfectly, it would benefit from a clean and comes in a handy little leather wallet.

Code: 27700


Antique Hallmarked Silver Pocket Watch Holder

Used by gentlemen to house their pocket watches and convert them into timepieces by the bedside, this example is most likely late Victorian in date, it has a hallmarked silver front unfortunately the hallmarks are very obscured and almost impossible to read, the interior which is blue velvet lined would take a watch with a diameter of up to two inches, the case is hinged with a small clip to close. It comes in good condition but has signs of age and use, the velvet is worn on the edge and the silver is a bit flattened on the high points, it measures just under 2.5 inches square.

Code: 27699


Fine Condition 1882 American Morgan Silver Dollar Brooch

This American silver dollar which dates 1882 is actually in better than fine condition but as it has been mounted as a brooch has to be considered at a lower grade. It was minted in Philadelphia as it does not have a mint mark, Two pieces of silver have been added to one side with the pin attached. A very nice quality coin.

Code: 27698

24.00 GBP

Pair of Vintage Chinese Figures – Faux Ivory Style

This pair of Chinese figures are very detailed in their design, they are made from a heavy resin to mimic carved ivory, the male figure has an inset red plaque on the base with Chinese characters and an additional impressed set of characters the female figure lacks this panel. Detailed right down to mimicking splits in ancient ivory they come in very good condition and the male stands 11.25 inches high.

Code: 27697


Unusual Chinese Mythical Creature

This is an unusual piece, made I think from resin to emulate ivory or bone, it is Chinese in origin, the body is a shell like a tortoise, the head is dragon like with red glass eyes and his legs and feet are scaled with four toes, a real mixture. He comes in very good condition and measures just over 3 inches long.

Code: 27696


Beautiful Vintage Russian Damascene Gold Inlaid Small Dish

Damascening is the art of inlaying different metals into one another typically, gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background to produce intricate patterns similar to niello. This piece is just that, different coloured golds inlaid into a dark metal background in patterns of flowers and foliage surmounted by the crowned Double Russian eagle set on three ball feet. Highly ornate and in wonderful condition it measures 2.25 inches in diameter.

Code: 27695

22.00 GBP